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petme-youstupidfuck asked: to the person asking about the slender game; it's a gmod thing that is just calle slender I think.

Thank you! <3

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neverwritingmygoodbyes asked: I don't know if you'll know this but I'm just asking around, do you know what game it is where pewds is playing a multiplayer game in a house and I think it's a bit like slender? They take it in turns to find each other in the house and the killer is red, any ideas at all?

I’m horrible at recognizing games omg

maybe the followers know? (followers please help me I’m lost & clueless)

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Edgar getting fixed in T-minus&#160;??? hours

Edgar getting fixed in T-minus ??? hours

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Youtube Meme: [1/3] Couples.
↳Felix & Marzia - PewDiePie & CutiePieMarzia

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ylvahc asked: I'm following you now mostly because your tumblr name includes the word fuck and pewdiepie. My fav things.<3

that’s the only way to go about it ;>

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pattycakeninja asked: You should make a gif of when pewds held "our hands" during that rage game that he played :3

I can’t make gifs /sobs quietly

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